Sunday, June 24, 2007

new Blog -

I’m helping a friend get his blog kicked off with a little extra traffic.

If you enjoy hot political debates and controversial topics, then head on
over to

As an added bonus, if you post a link to his site from your own site, I will
do you an added bonus of posting a link from 3 of my own sites to yours,
as well as ask him to post a link back to you too! — that’s FOUR incoming links for you!

Happy surfing!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Increase Your Blog Ranking at Technorati

I am running a little experiment with my friend over at to see exactly how link exchanges can help out when it comes to how ranks blog sites. I've also posted a bit more about it on my new personal blog and

So far things have been looking pretty good. If you're interested in the latest details please post a comment or send me a note... otherwise I'll assume no one's really interested in the details. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Another 3 miles

My legs were doing a little better Thurday. The extra protein is probably helping... building up the muscles a bit more. I pushed myself for the 3-mile non-stop run again. This time it was a bit hard on the lungs. I'm sure my body will do fine with 3 miles in another week.

16:00:00 start
16:10:15 1st mile (10:15) - again, started VERY slowly, as Darrell suggested
16:20:15 2nd mile (10:00) - Actually did the 2nd mile faster than the first!
16:31:10 3rd mile (10:55) - I wonder why this mile was a full minute slower?!

Temp: (didn't check) - (WeatherUnderground)
Humidity: (didn't check - seemed a bit humid)
... It was a pretty nice day. Perhaps a bit on the humid side.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

jogging 2 miles

My legs were pretty sore Tuesday, after the first 3 miles of non-stop jogging since last year, so I skipped that day. Today the legs are still a bit sore, but good enough, i suppose. I didn't want to push it, so only did the first 2 miles jogging without stopping, and then finished the last mile walking only.

16:00:00 start
16:10:25 1st mile (10:25) - started VERY slowly, as Darrell suggested
16:20:30 2nd mile (10:05) - right on target with my normal 2-mile time
16:34:20 3rd mile (13:50) - (walk only) a little longer than I had wanted!

Temp: (didn't check) - (WeatherUnderground)
Humidity: (didn't check)
... overall it seemed like a nice day. Maybe not as hot (or humid) as Monday was

I'm a bit dissappointed to see the overall time quite a bit slower for today. My legs were certainly feeling it after the first mile.... still fairly sore from Monday's non-stop, and near the end of the second mile there is a rather large hill, which almost got me walking at that point. I didn't want to push it, though, so it's probably for the best. At least I'm doing the first 2 miles non-stop, which is probably where I should be anyway, so I'll even call this "overall progress" :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to 3 miles

(ahh.. what the hell... I'll post it here too)

Today I managed to run the complete 3 miles without stopping!

This last weekend I was talking to my friend Darrell (who will be running the 10k with me next month). He’s got a bit more experience running, and so I mentioned to him that I was a little frustrated with my lack of progress over the last month. It’s been a long time since the last post, but for the past 2 weeks I have been running 4 out of the 5 weekdays (I’ll post more about that later), but have only been jogging the first mile, and then doing a walk/jog combination on the last 2 miles. My total completion time is always about 31-32 minutes with VERY little variation. The first mile is always done in about 9:30 (min:sec). He suggested I REALLY slow down on that first mile, and then push through the next two.

So today, that’s what I did. I completed the first mile in 10:40, the second mile by 21:02, and the third by 32:30, which means that my overall time stayed the same, but I reached the goal of running the entire course. I was able to keep my breathing very controlled until the last half of the last mile, and then it did get just a little faster, but not as much as the previous weeks. My legs are quite a bit more sore though! So, time to up the protein drinks.

As for the weather. It’s starting the get a little warmer. I started the run at 16:00 again today, and did a bit more sweating than the last couple weeks. I enjoy getting the extra sun, but might need to go back to my early morning runs before too much longer.

moving time

I HAVE been running!
But not posting :(

I've been meaning to move this (and a few other blogs I have) to my own domains for quite some time now. Today I made the move and kicked it off with my latest post about my 10k training progress.

The new blog is at and will be a container for quite a bit of what I do online.

I will still keep these other blogs up and running, and WILL be continuing to post on them! But we'll have to see where my loyalties end up.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


What a struggle...

I was sick all last week and so couldn't do a thing.
In fact, I've still got a runny nose today, but overall
feel well enough to get back out there.. and too much time
has been slipping by anyway.

It seems like I have a LOT going on these days, so
again, only going to put in the times for right now...

15:10:00 start
15:09:34 finish 1st mile (jog 100%)
15:21:53 finish 2nd mile (walk/jog combo)
15:34:12 finish 3rd mile (walk/jog combo)

I'll try to get 3 miles in on Thursday and
Friday as well.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Getting ready


Today was the 5th day I've been running again over the last 2 weeks.
I keep forgetting to post! (way too busy)

Just going to put in the times for right now...
16:00:00 start
16:09:42 finish 1st mile (jog 100%)
16:21:54 finish 2nd mile (walk/jog combo)
16:34:00 finish 3rd mile (walk/jog combo)

The 10k is coming up in a couple months!
Got a long way to go!